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Advertisement board

Advertisement boards have gained increasing popularity among Internet users every day online market is growing  and sales of various goods and services with it. But in order to stand out among the many other boards, the new board should be of high quality, have a comfortable and modern interfaces and search products should have many options.

«Microscript Board» - a product that allows you to organize your own Advertisement board and make a different paid privileges to the users in a fully automatic mode.

Login and password: admin

Product Version

Modern design (not unique)
Installing to the hosting
Documentation on the source code
Open source code (official Contract, one host )
Graphic map of the region (Russia, Ukraine)
VIP-status of advertisment
Raise your ad in the search
Premium Listing status
To bold your ad in the search
Categories, subcategories + various parameters
Online store for each user
Receiving payment Paypal
Mass upload of photos
Account of moderator
Insert videos
Big photo of advertisment
Comments to the advertisment
Favorits advertisment
Send the advertisment to friend
Complain about this ad
Affiliate Program ( 1 level)
Similar ads
Commercial on the website
Seller Profile + ratings, reviews
Continuous support
The possibility of modifications
The original design by the task
Technical specifications
Price 1 000 USD от 4 000 USD

In the PROFESSIONAL version you get a script. You can independently change the design, make the necessary improvements or contact third-party developers.

The EXCLUSIVE version allows you to get a unique design with the possibility of functional modifications of our specialists, as well as ongoing support for the project. Cost and conditions depend on the tasks and requirements of the customer.